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Why We’re Inviting Firms To Evaluate Automation—And Get Paid For It

Accounting Work

It’s not deceiving content, and it’s everything except a creation. We’re really paying accountants/firms to explore adding automation to their firm exercises.

Likewise, here’s the explanation: our focal objective is to secure worth to the accounting calling all pieces of what we do. That beginnings with you, accounting specialists and firms—we’re placed assets into your success. Taking everything into account, when you succeed, we do too!

We understand that even after the clamoring season shuts, a clerk’s work isn’t done. There’s a trademark reflection period that reliably happens when firms ponder how might be managed make the accompanying evaluation season better. Which cycles are working? Where are the bottlenecks? How should we give better service…to altogether more clients?

These aren’t basic requests to answer, and even with a dash of time to breathe in, it might be hard to acquire any ground—the arrangement for the day essentially keeps on creating!

So considering this, when an accounting capable is so devoted to their affiliation’s success that they’re willing to cut into their very own time—time that may somehow be proceeded with family, getting exercise, masterminding a genuinely vital move away, or from a genuine perspective whatever else—in light of everything, that benefits ensured appreciation.

That is the explanation we’re sending a $100 gift voucher to any accounting capable who meets with our gathering to survey Kayabooks as a true thank-you for their time, no curve balls.

Keep on examining for extra nuances and headings on the most ideal approach to capitalize on this opportunity to change your firm—and get an exceptional prize for your time!


Pause and think briefly: we referred to over that we’re placed assets into accounting firm accomplishment, and that isn’t just a line. It’s everything except an empty assurance, and it’s everything except a secret undertaking to get your business. It’s an obligation our entire gathering pursues every single day, and it goes for our clients, our future clients, and individuals who are basically beginning to research accounting robotization.

We know, we know—various associations will say the very same thing, yet what number of them are getting this show on the road?!

Just Kayabooks!

To help clerks and firms take a real action toward chipping away at their exercises, resources, and essential concern, we’re inviting firms to research the power of motorization development with us.

Additionally, as a thank you for meeting with us, we’ll send any firm that meets with us a $100 gift voucher following the social event! Consider it the cherry on top of your automation examination cake.

Why $100? By our math, $100 is a decent typical for 30 minutes of an accountant’s time.


To spread it out obviously, we know the business needs it. Clients are greedy for it. Moreover, firms are overpowered without it.

The 2020 Practice of Now Report from Sage construed that the vast majority of little (64%) and medium-sized (59%) accounting firms acknowledge advancement has chipped away at their associations—unequivocally related to capability and effectiveness. They’re certainly onto something, and they’re following in some admirable people’s footsteps!

Furthermore, we’ve been at this accounting services Austin for quite a while, and to say we’re certain that our development will assist firms with taking after saying that harnessing the power of fire helped early individuals survive…it’s understating the obvious!

Regardless, more fundamentally, we understand the errand. We understand what firms are going through: how cutoff is maxed and firms are constrained to excuse business, and how incalculable extensive stretches of first class human work are wasted every day on drawn-out, ordinary tasks. We’ve focused on associates depict their future targets and seen the articulation on their appearances when they perceive how limited they are.

So to that point, we need to help! Additionally, we’re doing as such in the primary way we know how, which is to lead with sympathy and set forth a fearless work to turn out to be more familiar with our clients: their targets, their troubles, their present resources and cycles. We tweak our fundamental get-togethers and put away the work to focus on each firm that is adequately liberal to chat with us, and we’ve seen it have an impact.


Taking everything into account, we understand we can achieve more, which is the explanation we’ve familiar this new development with do straight by our clients (and future clients) with an inspiration. Everyone’s time is critical, and this $100 gift voucher is just a little identification of our appreciation for granting a touch of time to us.

We’re sure that our shocking development will continue to push the business forward, firm by firm, saving them time and money beforehand, during, and after the clamoring season. Moreover, that drives us to ask:

Have you advanced toward doing development at your firm? What’s holding you down?



Right when the best firms with bountiful assets are placing a ton in development, the rest of the business faces giant risk if various firms don’t take action. If your firm neglects the structure on the dividers, there’s no affirmation you’ll have the choice to make a genuine, reasonable advancement method—or bear the accompanying around the world/monetary crisis.

Notwithstanding, that is really why Kayabooks exists: it’s inspiration worked for accounting firms, offering a way ahead for firms, in light of everything, and specialties, paying little heed to the situation.

Possibly more basically, these examinations are moreover why we’ve reconstructed Kayabooks esteeming to make our reformist development more open for firms. You would now have the option to take advantage of Kayabooks development without making a monstrous financial theory.


There’s no dismissing that associations running on motorization see gigantic results in record time. That is because they draw near to 100% accuracy, constant help (bots don’t rest!), and a worth point that is for a part of the cost of selecting a regular specialist.

Research a piece of the components Kayabooks offers:

Trade Manager: Machine learning and man-caused mental ability to participate to auto-characterize trades so you don’t have to worry about it.

Wise Connect: Links directly to a client’s bookkeeping services in San Jose and gets bank enunciations from in excess of 4,600 money related associations, pulling bank and monetary records when they’re free.

Task Manager: Simplifies correspondence, further creates staff oversight, and manages all your organization’s excellent tasks in one secure spot.

Secret word Manager: A safe, united, and streamlined point of view on the aggregate of your client’s capabilities.

Additionally, that is just the beginning. You also get ace customer care from veteran accounting specialists, help with fostering your book of business through new client openings, induction to specific thought drive events and resources, and critical peacefulness understanding that you’re not wasting cash on an instrument that won’t help you with having some observable effect.

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